Deep pow and cliff drops in Jackson Hole

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

I was blinded by a huge face shot before a small cliff drop, it all worked out though!

Ya… We did take some groomer shots, SO SICK!!!

With minimal snow in Aspen this year I hadn’t skied a “line” until Jackson. It felt so good and reminded me why I live and ski to finally shred a line! This zone is called pucker face, and ya I was a bit puckered up standing on top and only seeing cliff drops rolling over and disappearing.

Jacqui Edgerly has been stomping back flips. She went for one here and surprised us all by boosting about 80ft, unfortunately she over rotated a bit, but provided us all with some great entertainment. Crazy girl!

And finally, in true Jackson outlaw style we lit up a “Canadian candle stick”, and it was sweet!!

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2 Responses to “Deep pow and cliff drops in Jackson Hole”

  1. Derek says:

    I was standing in the tram line right behind first thing Saturday morning you and all the guys from BCA, was going to ask for an Autograph but decided not to so I wouldnt ruin the awsome day. YOu kick ass man

  2. christi says:

    wow wow wow. GORGEOUS!!!

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